Kalita Wave #185 Paper Filters 100p

119 kr including VAT


Bleached filter paper for the 185 range from Kalita.

Highest grade flat bottomed filter paper which work with Kalita wave #185 range for 2-4 cup servings. Naturally bleached with oxygen. Suitable for use with any flat bottomed dripper whether it be stainless steel as the Kalita wave, glass like the Gino dripper or ceramic K drippers from Tiamo. Make sure you order the right sized filter for your filter – these are for the larger brewers!


  • Pack contains 100pcs of filter paper
  • Bleached with oxygen
  • Come in a plastic packaging
  • We recommend a coarse grind with approx 15g coffee per cup and approx 4 minutes of your precious time.

Tip: Use a gooseneck kettle, such as the Brewista Smart kettle, to help control your pour with precision.

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