Kafferäven Vara Blanca Costa Rica Honey 250g

150 kr including VAT


Vara Blanca is a farm run by Mario Marin and his two brothers. They are the third generation taking over this family farm, and they still dry the coffees on tables in their mothers rose garden. The drying tables at the farm house are located in a valley where cold nights and morning fog can create frost on the fabric protecting the drying coffee. This dijurnal  shange in temperature might contribute to the unique flavour profile from Vara Blanca. This lot is a honey processed Typica.


  • COUNTRY Costa Rica
  • REGION Santa María de Dota, Dota, Tarrazú
  • ALTITUDE 1850-2050 masl
  • VARIETY Typica
  • PROCESS Honey process
  • PRODUCER Mario Marin
  • RELATION Since 2016

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