Kafferäven Kenya Nduki Estate 250g

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Nduki Estate is a small farm in Kiambu County, Central Kenya. Nduki is also the home of Hannah Kiyo Ndugu and John Ndungu Maina, a couple that have produced coffee for 20 years. 

Nduki Estate has 100% SL28 plants planted in the 1960s, and that John and Hannah crafted with Ruiru 11. The farm is located on 1960 meters on the highly productive Western slopes of Aberdare ranges. Soil is deep red loamy volcanic. Coffee is pulped on a motorized hand disc 1disk-pulper and dried on raised tables on the farm. Drying time is 12-14 days depending on weather and Hannah and John keep good track of the weather to cover the coffee during rain and the warm hours of the day. On the farm Hannah and John has around 4000 trees and the crop they get will bring them enough income to enjoy their retirement.

  • COUNTRY Kenya
  • REGION Kiambu
  • ALTITUDE 1960 masl
  • VARIETY Ruiru 11 drafted on SL28 
  • PROCESS Washed
  • PRODUCER Hannah Ndugu and John Ndugu Maina
  • RELATION Since 2020

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