Kafferäven India Ratnagiri 250g

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Ratnagiri Estate is located in South Indian Western Ghats near Bababudangiri, the place where coffee in India originated. The farm produces diverse varieties between 1250-1450 masl and has exquisite conditions for growing coffee. Ratnagiri Estate has been producing distinguished coffee since 1927, having its peak of a decision to invest in modern agriculture in early 2000. Since then, the pursuit of improvements has continued. For the last three years they have produced over 150 micro lots with different varieties and process. This lot is a honey processed Selection 9 – a hybrid especially made for the Indian soil. 

  • COUNTRY India
  • REGION Karnataka
  • ALTITUDE 1250-1450 masl
  • VARIETY Selection 9
  • PROCESS Honey
  • PRODUCER Ashok Patre
  • RELATION Since 2020Chocolate, raisin, juniper berries, dried fruit

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