Kafferäven Etiopien Harbegona Natural 250g

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Creamy, peach, bergamot, raisins 

The red cherry coffee comes from a vast number of farmers in Harbegona. This is a relatively new area to coffee, although it is located right in the heart of Ethiopias southern highlands where coffee originates. Like most of the best coffees in Sidamo this coffee grow at 2100-2300 masl and therefore get a cold and damp climate with big diurnal shifts. This ensure a complex and intense flavor, created by coffee just growing in its right environment. 

This lot is a natural process and cherries are washed and floated before they are dried on African beds.


Helena Georgalis is one of our favorite producers, and we are excited to be back in business with her. In 2017 her company took over a washing station in Sidamo Bensa where this coffee comes from. Heleanna knows that having a station is the best way to push quality forward. This way she can control the post-harvest process and work closely with the surrounding farmers.

  • COUNTRY Ethiopia
  • REGION Harbegona
  • ALTITUDE 2100 masl
  • VARIETY Heirloom 
  • PROCESS Natural
  • PRODUCER Heleanna Georgalis
  • RELATION Since 2016

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