Kafferäven Burundi Giku Hill 250g

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Giku Hill is situated in the north of Burundi, on the edges of the Kibira forest, Burundis only indigenous rainforest. Although there are many small rivers running trough this region, the communities that live here have little access to clean drinking water and are far beyond the reach of electricity. Coffee is the most important crop on the hill, closely competing with corn and beans. Coffee farmers will walk or bicycle the day’s harvest of cherries to the Ninga Washing Station site. During the natural process, coffee cherries are floated and hand-sorted, then taken straight to the drying tables. The whole coffee cherry spends between 25 to 30 days drying in its skin, slowly turning from deep red purple to a prune-like purple-black color when fully dried.

  • COUNTRY Burundi
  • REGION Muramvya Province
  • ALTITUDE 1700 masl
  • VARIETY Bourbon
  • PROCESS Natural
  • PRODUCERS 150 farmers on Giku Hill
  • RELATION Since 2017

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