Kafferäven Bridazul Nicaragua 250g

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Processing for Bridazul is more than just pulping, washing and drying the coffee. Years of data collecting and experimenting with fermentation methods, temperature and slow drying give Bridazul a unique position in the market with more options for processing than necessary. In 2020 Tim Willems at Bridazul found they had several experimental lots that in themself was too small to export, but combined could make a beautiful blend. Bridazul Blends was then created for the first time with huge success. This year several lots where made with coffee from several farms and with different taste profiles in mind. After a bit to much rum the blends got fantastic names as well.

  • COUNTRY Nicaragua
  • REGION Dipilto & Mozonte, Nueva Segovia
  • FARMS San José, Los Pirineos & El Avion
  • ALTITUDE 1300-1600 masl
  • VARIETIES Caturra
  • PROCESS Carbonic Maceration fermented cherries, dried as a natural
  • MANAGER Tim Willems at Bridazul
  • RELATION Since 2020


This CM Natural lot is intense and rich due to the extended time spent in whole cherry fermentation under controlled conditions, before drying on shaded African beds stacked a few cherries deep to further develop the CM Natural tactile experience.

‘Lights Out!’ is a blend from the following farms around Nueva Segovia: San José, Los Pirineos and El Avion.

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