Gringo Nordic Kenya Ichuga Nyeri AA 250g

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Kenya Ichuga Nyeri AA


The high altitude – 1700 meters above sea level – in combination with Nyeri’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil, creates perfect conditions for farmers who deliver freshly picked coffee berries to Ichuga washing station. Nyeri County is one of Kenya’s most famous coffee regions.

The name Nyeri comes from the Masai word nyiro, meaning red, after the red volcanic earth in the area. The name was adapted by white settlers to Nyeri. The coffee varieties in the region are usually a mixture of SL 28, SL 34 (about 80%) Batian and Ruiri 11.

In the cup, this is a juicy, milk chocolatey and fruity coffee with hints of redcurrants, sour raspberries and citrus.

Location: Karatini Province, Nyeri, Kenya

Producer: Small family farms belonging to Kiama Farmer Cooperative Society
Quality: 88+
Type: Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34
Altitude: 1700 meters
Cultivation: Shade & Sun.
Processing: Washed
Drying: Raised drying beds
Harvest period: December 2020
Lot size: 300 kg

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