Gringo Nordic Honduras Los Cipreces Family Farm 250g

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Honduras Los Cipreces Family Farm


My name is Benjamin Rivera and I have been growing coffee on my farm Los Cipreces since 1985, on which I planted 400 coffee trees of the Pacas variety. My wife and I planted them right next to our home so that they would be easy to care for. I learned to grow coffee from my father, and when I later got married and moved into my own home, I decided to continue. My wife and I were the first in El Pinal to grow coffee.

I still work with my wife but our children all have their own lots on the farm. Most are married now, but we work together as one big family. This new generation does a lot of the hard work, while my wife and I have the benefit of many decades of experience. Together we can overcome all obstacles.

Our coffee – which we grow completely organically – is the washed method of the variety Pacas and is tasty, elegant and with fine notes of garden fruit.

Location: San Marcos, Honduras

Producer: Benjamin Rivera
Quality / Points: 87
Type: Pacas, IHCAFE 90
Altitude: 1606 meters
Cultivation: Shade & Sun.
Processing: Washed
Drying: Raised drying beds
Harvest period: February 2021
Lot size: 600 kg

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