Gringo Jemen Udaini Mocha 250g

209 kr including VAT

We are very happy to roast our first coffee from Yemen, the country that was the world’s first exporter of coffee, and had the exclusivity to sell coffee beans until the 18th century. Even today, coffee is grown here in much the same way as 400 years ago, at extremely high altitudes and without the use of water at harvest. The Yemeni port city of Mocha was also the first port to export Yemeni coffee, hence the name mocha coffee.

Yemen’s coffee gets its exotic and complex flavors from being grown at an altitude of 2200-2400 meters. Here are also extremely dry weather conditions with minimal rainfall in the mountain regions where coffee is grown. This particular coffee comes from the Al-Hayma region and the village of Bait Hujairah, where several very small producers have joined forces to create this 90 kilo small nano lot. The beans are dried in their berry and have a character of raisins & dark berries. 

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