Coffea Circulor Panama Savage/Anthem 100g

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“Anthem consists of slow drying natural processed Geisha originating from selected high quality producers in the area of Boquete Valley and Volcan.

Jamison Savage
Savage Coffees, Finca Deborah



Roasted light based on conduction and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. Extensive roast, high front up heat that declines. Low input level of energy to enable the beans to develop extensively and sustain their volatile compounds while finalizing with a moderate development time.


ProducerJamison Savage
RegionVolcán, Chiriquí
Altitude1,600-1,850 masl
VarietalGeisha, Green Tip
Lot size7.5kg
Trade75.00 USD/kg


AromaMango, Peach, Raspberry
FlavorBaked apple, Cinnamon, Pineapple
AftertasteCocoa, Honey, Strawberry, Mid
AcidityBlackberry, Vibrant, Malic, Mid
BodyRound, Mid


Prized for many outstanding performances and competitions worldwide, Savage-produced coffees  continue to impress every person who comes in contact with its extraordinary aromas and flavors.

Anthem Natural Geisha cherries are harvested in both the regions of Boquete Valley and Volcan with elevations between 1600-1850 MASL. The coffees are sourced from producers who have excellent agronomy and harvesting selection standards. Savage Coffees collects the production from its select producer/partners and processes these cherries using the highest standards and best practices.

Cherries are quickly brought to the African drying bed system where they are sorted for the second time and mostly shade-dried for up to 20 days. This slow drying process allows the coffee grain to absorb the sweet, complex flavor profile inherent in the fruit.


We have worked many years with Jamison and particularly with his Geisha from Finca Deborah. We have also, as always with the coffees from Jamison, allowed ourselves to thoroughly analyze and inspect the temporal aspects of this particular and experimental lot for the capsule version of Afterglow from an early stage straight after the processed lot was completed. Due to this effort, availability is very limited. Kindly note, there can be seasonal deviations from the expressed sensory experience based on whole bean coffees and the capsule version.

Arranged by our dear friends Jamison and Leslie of Savage Coffees.


Located in Panama, more precisely in the region of Volcan, Chiriqui province. The plantation is at 1900+ meters above the sea level and it’s one of the most remote coffee farms in Panama. This region is ideal for coffee production: the volcanic soil, the high elevation, the perfect balance between rain and tropical sun permit to give life to unique coffee plants. Finca Deborah’s commitment to the environment is remarkable: the farm is fully powered by solar generation system and people who work in this farm is focused on safeguard the ecology for generations to come.  Geisha cultivation is a serious matter and workers are devoted professionals, centered on excellence. Harvest is meticulously monitored, coffee is handpicked, just the ripest cherries are collected.

Jamison Savage has dedicated himself to build a next-gen facility for coffee processing  in Panama with a strong environmental focus. Pesticides or toxins are not used on the farm. Elevated at exceedingly high altitudes and being one of the highest and more isolated farms in Panama, the farms runs on solar power and within a harmonious ecosystem. Jamison believes that coffee trees are at their best when surrounded by the local flora and fauna. This true, holistic and sustainable approach to farming, ingenuity and creativity coupled with advanced technological practices, makes Jamison one of the most impressive high-end coffee producers in the world.


Our World Brewers Cup recipe, One (1:1:1), for Hario V60-01/02 with Hario VCF-01/02 filters:

  • Coffee: 20g.
  • Water: 300g @ 93-95°C, TDS: 10-50 mg/l.
  • 100g of 20 second pours in 3 total pours at 0:00, 1:00 and last pour at 2:00. Finish at 3:00.
  • Pour by pulsing in helix formation during 20 seconds, starting from the centre, 5 revolutions per pulse. Ensure no grinds persist on the filter wall in the last pouring pulse.
  • At 01:00, 02:00 and 03:00, confirm the filter bed is flat and uniform. Avoid generating cavities and craters.
  • Target a TDS reading of 1.40±0.02.
  • Adjust only grind size and water temperature.
  • Grinding: Target 600-800μm. Example: 28 turns from the finest setting on Comandante.
  • If the flow ends past each minute, adjust your grind settings to finer and respectively for slower flow.
  • The recipe, technique and formula is singularly linear and time efficient. Learn more about linearly up- and downscaling our recipe here.


Use water with balanced mineral content to optimize flavor and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 10-50 ppm or mg/l. We advise a temperature between 93-95°C for the best brewing experience.


Please store in a cool and dry place in order to secure freshness and quality. To ensure best possible experience use within 3 months after roast date and 2 weeks after opening. In various environments and setups, your brewing experience can benefit from opening the bag and closing it. Wait one day to brew. We have invested significant time to research the durability of the coffee by actively refining our roasting algorithms to ensure perpetual quality post 3 months of production. Our flavor-lock packaging technology is based on processing and roasting. This ensures persisting and stable aromas, flavors and pro-experience.


Start using at will. Brew immediately or wait several weeks. Prepare for a championship with a strategy. It all depends on your goals.

We recommend using the coffees by first opening the container/bag one day before the first planned brew to enable a natural aeration of the coffees. Use according to the following matrix and remember these are general observations given parameters such as continent, country, region, variety, altitude, process, etc. combined with Coffea Circulor processing and roasting algorithms.

Plan your acquisition according to production schedules (roasting), event attendance (home/championship) and shipping priority (standard/courier).

0-3 daysFocused acidity
4-7 daysOptimal Coffea Circulor recommended praxis
8-14 daysIncreased floral perception
15-21 daysIncreased sweetness
22+ daysIncreased balance
1+ monthIntact sweetness, peak intensity
2+ monthsInherent balance, possible reduced florals turning herbal


Made by Panama
Finished in Scandinavia

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