Coffea Circulor Panama Altieri Chombi Geisha Natural Fermentation NX 100g

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“Structured, indelible and delicate paired with a family committed to raising social awareness.

Ivica Cvetanovski
Co-Founder, Coffea Circulor, Norway



Roasted light based on conduction and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. Extensive roast, high front up heat that declines. Low level of energy througput to enable the beans to develop as much as possible and keep a low development time.


ProducerFinca Stal
RegionCallejón Seco, Boquete
Altitude1,750-1,800 masl
VarietalGeisha, Green Tip
Lot size25kg
Trade35.00 USD/kg


AromaBlueberry, Jasmine, Sugar cane
FlavorMango, Milk chocolate, Yellow plum
AftertasteMilk chocolate, Strawberry, Mid
AcidityBlueberry, Strawberry, Malic, Mid-High
BodyCreamy, Structured, Mid


The varietal geisha has won numerous coffee tasting awards in recent years and is creating a high demand for the coffee at auctions.

These prize-winning coffees are grown on the Eastern slope of the Baru Volcano, surrounded by the virgin cloud forests of the Baru Natonal Park in an area known as Callejón Seco. This area consists of volcanic soil, drained on the slope of the volcanic mountain, at an altitude where winds from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans collide creating microclimates different from the rest of the country.

The greatest extension of cultivation on the farm is Geisha coffee due to the great advantages that various microclimates create on the same farm. This, together with a meticulous care of coffee traceability, ensures the best cup with a special flavors through an elegant natural process.

This lot grows under shadow. After picking, it was placed in African beds for 21 days. Later, the coffee cherries are placed in a controlled temperature and humidity warehouse.

This prize-winning coffee is arranged by our dear friends the Altieri family.


Working close to with pre-releases of coffees enables us to fine-tune details in generating targeted experiences. Previously, this coffee and its process was ‘code-named’ Lily, and together with the Altieri family we took on a naming convention for the Altieri Family of coffees and processes, present and for the future.


“As you also might have noticed, I named the coffees after your names. It stated with “Lily” when your father distributed the first coffees years ago now. Upon the first test, I found a high amount of florals in the Geisha natural. That would be the exception in respect to the naming convention. I have a naming scheme where natural processed coffees receive female names and washed coffees are governed by male names.”

In the words of Anna Lynn Altieri:

“It is very thoughtful of you and makes it very personal. Actually, we are in the process of changing all our lots names from letters to the grandchildren nicknames. We are already producing new signs for the lots. For examples, Rafa, Rola, Yuyi, Ale, RR, Luci, etc. But I really liked your idea of putting Panama in front of the name, and I also love the idea of the females for the Naturals and Males for the Washed. Thank you very much for your creativity and ingenuity. If you don’t mind we would like to implement your idea.”


As each picked coffee cherry is destined for specific fermentation formulas, we denote each lot carrying the same name with a morpheme. Below is a listing of most common fermentation practices. Please use this reference to better understand the differences between equally named coffees and their fermentation formulas. For example, read a suffix of “NASDX” such as Natural Anaerobic Slow Drying Fermentation”.

AXAnaerobic Fermentation
CXCold Fermentation
CMXCarbonic Maceration
DXDry Fermentation
EXExtended Fermentation
HXHypoxia Fermentation
MXMacerated Fermentation
NXNatural Fermentation
SXSlow Fermentation
WXWashed Fermentation
YXYeast Fermentation



Our World Brewers Cup recipe, One (1:1:1), for Hario V60-01/02 with Hario VCF-01/02 filters:

  • Coffee: 20g.
  • Water: 300g @ 93-95°C, TDS: 10-50 mg/l.
  • 100g of 20 second pours in 3 total pours at 0:00, 1:00 and last pour at 2:00. Finish at 3:00.
  • Pour by pulsing in helix formation during 20 seconds, starting from the centre, 5 revolutions per pulse. Ensure no grinds persist on the filter wall in the last pouring pulse.
  • At 01:00, 02:00 and 03:00, confirm the filter bed is flat and uniform. Avoid generating cavities and craters.
  • Target a TDS reading of 1.40±0.02.
  • Adjust only grind size and water temperature.
  • Grinding: Target 600-800μm. Example: 28 turns from the finest setting on Comandante.
  • If the flow ends past each minute, adjust your grind settings to finer and respectively for slower flow.
  • The recipe, technique and formula is singularly linear and time efficient. Learn more about linearly up- and downscaling our recipe here.


Use water with balanced mineral content to optimize flavor and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 10-50 ppm or mg/l. We advise a temperature between 93-95°C for the best brewing experience.


Please store in a cool and dry place in order to secure freshness and quality. To ensure best possible experience use within 3 months after roast date and 2 weeks after opening. In various environments and setups, your brewing experience can benefit from opening the bag and closing it. Wait one day to brew. We have invested significant time to research the durability of the coffee by actively refining our roasting algorithms to ensure perpetual quality post 3 months of production. Our flavor-lock packaging technology is based on processing and roasting. This ensures persisting and stable aromas, flavors and pro-experience.


Start using at will. Brew immediately or wait several weeks. Prepare for a championship with a strategy. It all depends on your goals.

We recommend using the coffees by first opening the container/bag one day before the first planned brew to enable a natural aeration of the coffees. Use according to the following matrix and remember these are general observations given parameters such as continent, country, region, variety, altitude, process, etc. combined with Coffea Circulor processing and roasting algorithms.

Plan your acquisition according to production schedules (roasting), event attendance (home/championship) and shipping priority (standard/courier).

0-3 daysFocused acidity
4-7 daysOptimal Coffea Circulor recommended praxis
8-14 daysIncreased floral perception
15-21 daysIncreased sweetness
22+ daysIncreased balance
1+ monthIntact sweetness, peak intensity
2+ monthsInherent balance, possible reduced florals turning herbal

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