Coffea Circulor Ethiopia Ch’ire Ameli Natural 250g

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“Preparing and drinking this coffee reminds you of enjoying the colorful button-shaped M&M chocolates.”

Storm Lunde
World champion trainer and coach, Norway



Roasted light based on convection and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. Extensive roast, high front up heat that decreases and a ramp that leads into a humble audible crack. We focus on expression of florals and rich fruit-based acidity.


Producer800 Smallholders
RegionSidama, Ch’ire Village
Altitude2,000 masl
Lot size180kg
Trade11.95 USD/kg


AromaMiltoniopsis Orchid, Milk chocolate
FlavorCantaloupe, Mango, Wild strawberry
AftertasteMilk chocolate, Wild strawberry, Long
AcidityMandarin, Vibrant, Mid-High
BodySmooth, Mid


Coffee farming is an integral part of the culture in the Ethiopia highland areas. This region and its zones develop unique and exquisite tasting coffees.

Coffee farming is an integral part of the culture in the Ethiopia highland areas. This region and its zones develop unique and exquisite tasting coffees.

Countless heirloom varieties are grown in semi-forest areas near the river Hamile in the village of Balo. The soil is rich, loamy and brown. Harvesting time is between November and January. In combination with the micro climate and an annual rainfall of more than 1,700mm extensive maturity duration and the natural process brings a sweet, floral, rich, silky and balanced coffee.

The washing and sorting station was established in 2012 and receives coffee from 800 farmers located around the local village of Ameli. Constant improvement of processing techniques to enhance the quality is being conducted for washed and natural processes.

This coffee has come to be known as Ch’ire Ameli and initially finished 3rd in the 2015 Ethiopia National Taste of Harvest Competition scoring SCA 91.75.

Arranged by our friend Adham Yonis with his dedicated team. This is the 4th annual harvest we are receiving and we are grateful and thrilled about the quality of this lot every year.


Our World Brewers Cup recipe, One (1:1:1), for Hario V60-01/02 with Hario VCF-01/02 filters:

  • Coffee: 20g.
  • Water: 300g @ 93-95°C, TDS: 10-50 mg/l.
  • 100g of 20 second pours in 3 total pours at 0:00, 1:00 and last pour at 2:00. Finish at 3:00.
  • Pour by pulsing in helix formation during 20 seconds, starting from the centre, 5 revolutions per pulse. Ensure no grinds persist on the filter wall in the last pouring pulse.
  • At 01:00, 02:00 and 03:00, confirm the filter bed is flat and uniform. Avoid generating cavities and craters.
  • Target a TDS reading of 1.40±0.02.
  • Adjust only grind size and water temperature.
  • Grinding: Target 600-800μm. Example: 28 turns from the finest setting on Comandante.
  • If the flow ends past each minute, adjust your grind settings to finer and respectively for slower flow.
  • The recipe, technique and formula is singularly linear and time efficient. Learn more about linearly up- and downscaling our recipe here.

Find more recommendations for other devices here.


Use water with balanced mineral content to optimize flavor and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 25-50 ppm or mg/l. We advise a temperature between 93-95°C for the best brewing experience.

Made by Ethiopia

Finished in Scandinavia

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