Chemex Paper Filter Halfmoon 100p

129 kr including VAT

Paper filter for use only with the 3 cup Chemex brewers.

Since 1941 Chemex has been ensuring their bonded coffee filters have been doing what no other coffee filter does – giving the most pure, smooth cup of coffee every time.

Chemex unfolded filter papers are easy to use and give a different taste to most filter papers due to their thickness.  Chemex filters are 20-30% heavier than competitive brands and remove even the finest sediment particles as well as the undesirable oils and fats. Don’t be fooled by cheaper imposters – these filters are the real deal and, in our humble opinion, there’s no other option for Chemex brewing.

The cone shape, exactly as in laboratory techniques, ensures uniform extraction as the water filters through all the grounds on its way to the apex of the cone;  regulating the filtration rate – not too slow, not too fast.

The Chemex filter is guaranteed not to burst under the weight of the liquid during filtration, and not to break when lifting out the grounds. We like a coarse grind when brewing with Chemex, but experiment, who are we to tell you how to grind your favourite brew?


  • Cone shaped
  • Oxygen cleansed – bleach free to ensure no chemical residue.
  • Unfolded
  • Compatible with Chemex 3 cup brewers (glass and classic 3 cups)
  • Can work with other cone shaped brewers
  • Thicker than most filters to remove more sediment / oils
  • 100 filters per pack

How to fold half moon filter paper:


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