Coffea Circulor – Kenya Githiga PB 250g

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“Pearls, also known as peaberries, are a roaster’s best friend.”

Ivica Cvetanovski
Norwegian Roasting Champion 2014, Norway



Roasted light based on conduction and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. A very short roast, high front up heat that is sustained for a short development time to generate the fruity flavor and the juicy acidity.


Producer Kanyenyaini FCS
Country Kenya
Region Muranga County
Altitude 1,820 masl
Varietal SL28, Ruiru 11
Process Washed
Lot size 120kg
Trade 10.56 USD/kg


Aroma Black currant, Butter, Cherry
Flavor Black currant, Rhubarb, Sweet lemon
Aftertaste Purple plum, Mid
Acidity Lemon, Juicy, Low-Mid
Body Smooth, Mid-High
Balance Uniform


Kenyan coffee only accounts for 0.5% of the worlds supply of coffee. Kenyan coffee is highly sought after, both in the speciality market and the more commercial market.

The Kanyenyaini Farmers Cooperative Society consists of about 850 growers. The area consists of a mixed agricultural production of the producers. In addition to coffee, banana and blue gum trees provide shadow for other crops.

The speciality coffee industry receives Kenyan coffees from the regions around Mt Kenya. Higher altitude results in a denser bean which translates to a more flavors in the brewed cup. Kenyan coffee is graded in a particular way: AA, AB, and PB are the main higher quality coffees. These are the densest beans. PB, meaning peaberry, is where the coffee cherry only has 1 bean rather than 2. This doesn’t indicate lesser quality though.

Coffee seedlings are planted and grown for 3 years before the first harvest. Coffee cherries are harvested by hand. The coffee is washed in order to remove the flesh of the cherry. The beans remain to ferment and are later drained through washing channels to remove the remaining flesh surrounding the bean. The coffee is dried on raised beds for between 14-21 days. A dry mill furthermore removes the parchment surrounding the bean. Beans are vacuum packed and shipped via sea.


Our World Brewers Cup recipe for V60 “1:1:1”: 20g coffee. 300g of water. 100g of 20 second pours in 3 total pours at 0:00, 1:00 and last pour at 2:00. Finish at 3:00. Adjust only grind size and water temperature.


Use water with balanced mineral content to optimize flavor and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 25-50 ppm or mg/l. We advise a temperature between 93-95°C for the best brewing experience.

Made by Kenya

Finished in Scandinavia



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