A43 Coffee Dark Espresso Blend 500g

215 kr including VAT

This is our “dark” house blend that for us represents a good dark espresso full of flavours. The blend and roast profile is uniquely defined by us, but roasted in Gothenburg by one of our local specialised micro roasteries.

It’s a slowly roasted medium-dark roast profile containing 35% robusta and 65% arabica to give that punch that you can expect from a dark espresso, yet maintaining a lot of flavour. As an espresso it’s a flavour bomb, as a milk based drink you get a  dark bitter chocolate and nutty taste.

The origins used in the blend may vary depending on season and availability, but will always have a similar flavour profile. Contact us if you’d like to know which origins are currently in the bags.

How we brew it for an explosive espresso: 18 grams of coffee, 20 seconds pre-brew, 25 seconds extraction of 25ml liquid.
Also recommended for a bitter lungo: 18 grams of coffee, 35-45 seconds extraction of 45-60ml liquid.

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Weight500 g


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